Pet Memorials

Alfie, my beloved Affenpinscher passed away on 17th August 2012.

‘Don’t shed any tears and stop feeling blue
For when your time comes I will be waiting for you’

Rainbow Bridge

This picture is of Pumpkin, my mother’s dog, a Shitzu who lost his life to cancer at the tender age of five.

I have portrayed him walking over Rainbow Bridge to meet his fellow mates.

The comforting words are:

We say goodbye one final time 2c2d 2b
As over the Rainbow Bridge I climb
My friends are waiting patiently
To take my paw and welcome me
The sun shines bright in a sky so blue
In fields of gold we wait for you.

Angelic pug


LouLou was a very elderly pug who I had portrayed previously being pushed around in a bath chair by her playmate, Jasper a Tibetan Terrier. When she finally passed away I portrayed her as an angel.

If you have lost a pet and would like to have a picture done please don’t hesitate to contact me at what is a very painful time. Any pet you have owned previously can also be included in the picture. The poetry is optional.